Taste of South India Philosophy

Our food business is based on our traditional value of ‘Virunthombal’ (hospitality). In our culture, when any guest/family/friend comes to our home or a customer to the restaurant we cordially invite them, provide clean plain water and then serve food according to their needs/tastes.

On an everyday basis, we consume vegetables, grains, dairy products, legumes, meat, poultry and fruits but it provides medicinal value, healthy diet and balanced lifestyle only when we cook & eat in right consistency, quality and quantity. To provide a healthy lifestyle for our customers we are proud to say that we use only olive oil, ghee, palm sugar, raw sugar, jaggery and home-made spices.


We’re Proud of Our Experience

Traditional Recipes. Modern Equipment. Best Service.
We are a local business and support local community.

Our chef, Thamodarar (Thamo) cooks food from scratch with fresh ingredients, home-made spices and local products.

He always watched his mom cook during his childhood, inspired by and started cooking for family and friends which improved his skills day by day and now he turned out to be a Chef embracing authentic home style cooking and implying his special touch in every dish accordingly.

We have a huge variety of breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner options. We have introduced some of them to our menu but more to come as ‘SPECIALS’ according to the seasons in order to balance our immune system. Please feel free to ask us on what it is, how to eat it and how it helps with your health.

We hope you enjoy reading this and like tasting our traditional FOOD!

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